Saint Bernardine Medical Center

Project Location: San Bernardino CA
Project Manager:  Dustin Hamilton
Superintendent – Tim Carruthers

Foundation Pile Inc. performed 198- 12.75″ Edttex piles being installed to a 40′ depth for a seismic upgrade to the existing hospital. The piles are torqued in using a limited access Tubex machine due to the limited site access. Compression and dynamic testing were performed to confirm capacities. The Edttex method was the ideal pile type for this upgrade as noise and vibration were major concerns so that the hospital could maintain operable. Foundation’s specialty piles are growing in popularity for projects that demand high loads with site restrictions.

Equipment Utilized:

  • Tubex Rig
  • Hydraulic crane

Soma Hotel

Project Location: South San Francisco CA
Project Manager:  Darren Riddle

Consisting of 400, 14X117 H-Piles to a depth of 200′ driven to bedrock, the Soma Hotel project consisted of site challenges during construction. The piles had the top 50′ coated with Epoxy coating in order to provide additional life span to the structure. Having this coating applied to the piles prior to installation, is a first in the Mission Bay area. The site footprint was approximately 200’x150′, making the offloading, loading and storage of piles a difficult task. Foundation safely and efficiently met these challenges head on for successful completion.

Key Equipment Utilized:

  • D62 Diesel Hammer
  • 4000 Crawler Crane
  • ABI Rig for installation of sheet piles

San Bruno Bridge Canal Replacement

Project Location: South San Francisco CA
Project Manager:  Mike Caruso
Superintendent – Rick Reyna

The San Bruno Canal Bridge was originally planned as a multi year project but had to be shut down for emergency replacement as construction was about to begin.  The bridge schedule was accelerated into 4 months and crews worked 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.

The deep foundation for this bridge consisted of 16″x 0.500 wall in 80′ sections, Class 200 piles.  Each side of the bridge presented unique challenges. On the North Side, overhead wires limited access and the piles need to be driven using low overhead equipment with a hydraulic hammer.

Key Equipment:

Low – Overhead Pile Rig with Hydraulic Hammer