Company History


Foundation Constructors, Inc. was founded in 1971 by Fred Cavin, and partners; Ray Rose, Joe Hilton and Barney Murdock, with the aspiration of becoming a modern and dynamic pile driving company in California. Through their vision and hard work, the company’s growth began, and in 1976 the company purchased the H.F. Lauritzen Construction Company and ultimately relocated all of its resources to the current Oakley facility.

In 1978 Foundation opened its wholly owned subsidiary, Foundation Pile, Inc., to better service the Southern California market. Over the ensuing years the Foundation companies earned the reputation as one of the leading and premier pile driving companies in the State of California.

In 2006, Foundation entered the drilled foundation market through the purchase of the assets of American Pile Driving. American Pile Driving was owned by Byrl Williams P.E., a pioneer within the drilled foundations industry. With American, came with a variety of patented and proprietary drilled foundation products along with a new level of engineering expertise.

Over the years, the expertise that developed with both the driven and drilled applications clearly positioned the Foundation team as a recognized industry leader and expert within the State of California.

Today, the company has continued its growth and success through its desire and ability to provide our customers with the upmost in confidence and results on each and every project. Whether through our hands on management, innovative engineering staff, experience and professionalism of our construction team, or the use of some of the most modern technologically advanced drilling equipment and installation methods available, the Foundation team is prepared to provide the necessary deep foundation solutions, and an experience that ensures our clients and projects success.