Design Build / Assist

We offer a broad range of design capabilities for deep foundation systems, ground improvement, and support of open excavations. Our design team has extensive structural and geotechnical engineering experience that produce unique and comprehensive value engineering solutions. Our designs are specifically tailored to the capabilities of our equipment resulting in the most efficient and cost-effective design-build solutions.

Specific design expertise includes axial and lateral pile analysis, static and dynamic settlement, WEAP/Drivability studies, liquefaction assessments, ground improvement, lateral spreading, and structural design of piling, pile cap connections, pile caps, and shoring systems.

Pile Types:

Driven Piles – precast concrete, H-piles, small and large diameter pipe, trestle piles, barge and water installation, timber piles, CISS piles. 

Drilled Piles – CFA and Displacement augercast, cased augercast, ground improvement columns, Cast in Drilled Hole, helical piles, ground anchors and Micropiles

Specialty Piles – Tubex, Tubex Grout Injection, EDTTEX, Fundex, DDC, Helical, Ground Improvements

Vibratory Installation Methods – sheet piles, soldier beams, pipe piles