Drilled Applications

Foundation provides a wide variety of drilled deep foundation solutions for your project. While driven pile applications have always been the lifeblood of the Foundation arsenal, we recognize the need to be able to provide our clients with a diverse catalogue of deep foundation options tailored to their specific needs. We’re working to create a “one stop shop” for our clients. Starting with our Engineer evaluation and design, to our construction capabilities in the field. Let us help provide you with the service best suited for your needs.

Auger Cast Piles

Foundation installs two types of auger cast piles, continuous flight auger cast (CFA) and displacement auger cast (DACP).   

For DACP piles, all or a portion of the soil is displaced laterally rather than excavated. These systems have advantages in many circumstances over conventional CFA piles, mainly eliminating spoils and achieving greater capacities than CFA piles.  

If the soil cannot be displaced, CFA piles can be utilized.  A hollow stem auger is used to drill to design depth. Grout is then placed through the center of the auger as the soil is extracted.  

Drilled Shafts

Commonly referred to as Cast-In Drilled-Hole (CIDH) or Bored Piles are typically used in situations where soil conditions are not suitable for driving or displacement options. Utilizing the extraction of soil then placing reinforcing rebar and high strength concrete into the drilled shaft. Open hole drilling is possible in solid soil conditions, while the utilization of casing or drilling fluid will be used in poor soil or high-water conditions. Pile sizes can range from 16”- 144” in diameter.


Micropiles are high capacity, small diameter (5″ to 18″) drilled piles. Utilizing the extraction of soil, the pile is typically designed with a center “micropile” reinforcing bar. The pile is then grouted (post grouting and pressure grouting can be utilized to gain higher capacities). Capable of being designed with tension and compression loads, battered micropiles can also be installed to assist with lateral support. Micropiles are a great solution for limited access, low overhead situations and thrive in soil conditions that create tough installation for other pile types.

Drilled Displacement Columns

Drilled displacement columns are a type of ground improvement that uses low strength grout mix to stiffen and strengthen the soil.  

Helical Piles

Helical piles are a steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building deep foundations. Helical piles are manufactured using varying sizes of tubular and solid square sections for the pile or anchors shaft. Foundation installs helical piles in various size from several different manufactures.  We can also perform the design of the piles. These piles are ideal for lightly loaded structures where access is limited.