Earth Retention and Shoring

Foundation also specializes in a variety of shoring solutions. We can work with our clients design team and come up with temporary and permanent shoring solutions for your project.

Sheet Piles (Driven or Vibrated)

Foundation specializes in driven and vibrated sheets to be used for shoring applications. Ideal in situations where driving pile is permitted, sheet piles offer quick and efficient shoring solution.

Beam and Lagging/Plate

Utilizing driven or drilled beams and pressure treated wood lagging or steel plates. This solution is one of the more popular temporary shoring solutions on the market. The beams are installed (Driven or Drilled), and as the excavation progresses, pressure treated wood lagging/steel plate is placed between each beam providing a temporary wall. Tiebacks may be utilized to assist with loading of the wall in order for this system to be used for larger excavations.

Beam and Lagging/Plate Shoring walls can also be designed as to integrate permanent wall structures (precast panels, Poured in place, or shotcrete).

Soil Nails and Ground Anchors

Used to stabilize existing slopes, the installation of soil nails or ground anchors in conjunction with shotcrete can be used as a temporary or permanent shoring solution.