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Getting the Job Done with Nucor Skyline H-piles

The SOMA Hotel project is a 9-story, luxury hotel, that sits atop a lot, measuring approximately 100 x 180 feet. Foundation Constructors Inc. (FCI) was awarded the foundation portion of the project. FCI has worked with Nucor Skyline in the past, and chose them for their expertise in steel beam foundations.

Nucor Skyline supplied 2,500 tons of Grade 50 HP 14×73 up to 80 feet in length and HP 14×117 up to 75 feet in length. FCI was working with difficult conditions, having to install the H-piles through the debris from the 1906 earthquake, as well the bay mud material, to a final varying elevation of bedrock. Before production even began, FCI drove indicator piles to test the conditions, tip elevations, and pile lengths across the site.